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- A Food Truck Web App

Timeline: 10 Weeks
Tool Used: Figma PHP Javascript


During the 10 weeks of research, design, and development of this project, I and the four other teammates worked together to create a web app for the food truck Happy Sunshine. Our goal is to create a web app that aims to simplify the shopping process for customers by allowing them to order and pre-order meals so they can avoid the long waiting line, and other features like viewing the food truck's current location, schedule, and upcoming events.


Happy Sunshine is a food truck owned and operated by a Cambodian couple located on the corner of 33rd and Arch Street, a busy intersection right next to a collection of freshmen residential halls, academic buildings, and a sporting center. Thanks to its superior location and its reasonable quality and price, it has become a popular choice for the student that needs to rise early. Due to its popularity, it can be hard for students to get their food in a short period of time.

Context & Challenge

For this project, I served as the role of lead developer responsible for being the main contributor to the development of both the front-end and back-end, reviewing codes from the teammates, and managing the GitHub Repository.


In the short 10 weeks duration, we inherited the prototype from the previous class and went through three rounds of the process of revising, developing, testing, and in the end, deploying. For this project, we decided to use the PHP language to generate the interface because it’s a language that all of the team members had experience with, and it’s the only language we know at the time that can interface with a database.

As the lead developer, I collaborated with my team to create the pages required for this app’s user flow. I also set up the MySQL database and handled all the scripts that interface with the database. In addition, the Google Map api was also implemented to provide navigation for the users.


After 10 weeks of development, we created a functional web app that can be used on devices with various size. Customers can customize their order and place it ahead of their arrival. After ordering, customers can also check their past order so they can show the recipe to the truck owner to pickup their food.

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Sylar Li | Zhengtian Li